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Balfour Reparations (2024-2044)

This performance lecture investigates ways of confronting the United Kingdom’s colonial legacy in Palestine. In particular, the role of Arthur James Balfour, the country’s Prime Minister (1902-1905), Foreign Secretary (1916-1919), Chancellor and Rector of many UK prominent universities (1886-1930), in the historical denial of Palestinian political rights in their homeland. Saleh does that through elements of Critical Fabulation and Afrofuturism that combine history, fiction and fantasy, while engaging with and being inspired by archival material, such as videos, photos, and documents.


The performance lecture takes place in 2044 to reflect on the fictive apology letter that the United Kingdom will have issued in 2024 to the Palestinian people promising them reparations. The audience become members of the reparations’ evaluation committee created on the 20th anniversary of the apology and are invited to participate in the performance.

Work-in-progress Performances

December 2023 at InSpace Gallery (Edinburgh)

June 2024 at CCA part of Common Ground Festival (Glasgow)


Concept and choreography: 
Farah Saleh

In collaboration with

Lucas Chih-Peng Kao



Nicola Perugini

Nadia Khattab and Jamal Bajali


Rehearsal support:                                                       © Lucas Chih-Peng Kao

Luke Pell

Graphic designer:

Michaela Pointon


Mouashah Aheno Shawqan Ela Diyari - Wasef Jawhariya

Funded by: 
The Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (IASH) and Common Ground Festival

Special thanks to:
Adam Perugini Saleh, Ben Fletcher-Watson, Emil Perugini Saleh, Lauren Galligan, Lesley McAra, Mira Knoche, Pauline Clark, Qais Saleh, Sawsan Shunnar, Sophia Lycouris and Stitches


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