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Brexit means Brexit! (2018)

Farah Saleh and Professor Victoria Tischler are investigating the collective mental health of the residents in the UK after Brexit. They are interested in what led to that vote, but more importantly in what is happening right now: the fear, anger, polarization of the society, the explicit racism and even more in what will happen next. They are trying to understand the famous endlessly repeated phrase by Teresa May Brexit means Brexit! What does that exactly mean? Where is the threshold between democracy, dictatorship and fear led campaigns? What does Brexit entail on a personal level for the 'remoaners' who have been branded liberal hysterics, and for artists currently residing in the UK, who consider themselves citizens of the world, but also for those who voted to leave? Do you feel targeted? Are you feeling the tension of Brexit? How does that fear manifest itself, physically, emotionally and socially?


Research: Farah Saleh and Victoria Tischler

Choreography: Farah Saleh

Dancers: Robert Hesp and Tanja Erhart

Bsl interpreter: Amy Cheskin

Costumes: Jill Skulina

Commissioned by: PS/Y for Hysteria

Produced by: Claricia Parinussa 

First research period was with Candoco

Dance Company.

Funded by

The Wellcome Trust Public Engagement Fund

and Creative Scotland

Supported by                                                

Dance Base.                                                       ​​© Beth Chalmers




Siobhan Davies Studios (London) March 2018, Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival (Ramallah) April 2018, DanceLive (Aberdeen) October 2018Beacon Arts Centre (Greenock), Dance Base (Edinburgh), CCA part of Take Me Somewhere Festival (Glasgow)Macphail Centre (Ullapool) May 2019. 


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