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Ordinary Madness (2013)


The relation between humans and nature has been changing enormously during the past two decades. New modern models of administration of the relationship between human beings, and between them and nature have arisen; such as massive industrialization, colonial conquests and consumption models, which resulted in new wars, commodification of the world and global warming. Changes that caused what we can call World Madness. “Ordinary Madness” portrays these changes in the Palestinian context, giving an overview of the Palestinian life under modernity rule and asks the audience to reflect on it.


Produced by: Sareyyet Ramallah Dance Company

Directed and choreographed by: Farah Saleh

In collaboration with the dancers: Adel Mashriky,

Majd Hajjaj, Salma Ataya, Yazan Eweidat, Farah Saleh.

Assistant director: Zina Zarour

Music: Boikutt*

Lights: Muaz Al Jubeh

Costumes: Ghada Khoury

* All songs are originally composed by

Boikutt except for the title "Tell me how you feel",

composed by Jon Kennedy and remixed by Bonobo.

Funded by

Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC) and                    © Lucia Ahmad

A.M.Qattan Foundation.




Al Kasaba Theatre (Ramallah) Feb 2013, Cinema Jenin (Jenin) March 2013, Dar Annadwa (Bethlehem) April 2013, Oyoun Theatre (Golan Heights) April 2013, Al Hakawati Theatre (Jerusalem) April 2013 and Teatri di Vita (Bologna) July 2013.

Full performance


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