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The World We Share (2024)


How do we solve personal and collective problems?

Can we do it together, even though we are all so different?


In this new dance performance four young people and three adults, from different walks of life, come together with choreographer Farah Saleh and collaborators to explore these questions.


Join an exciting, intergenerational, ensemble of dancers, performers and circus artists in a fast moving and curious promenade performance where together they re-imagine, re-build and reflect upon ‘the world we share’.


Through a series of playful, and sometimes, poignant propositions they propose an array of ways we might better act in solidarity with one another, share our resources and attend to seemingly unsolvable problems through collaborative effort, collective encounter and shared experiences.


Join them for 45 minutes of hopeful dreaming where the audience is invited to move around and eventually join what’s unfolded.


Performances in Edinburgh and Glasgow in October 2024

The Creative Team:


Farah Saleh | Director and Choreographer

Diane Mitchell, Jack Anderson, Jazmina, Kieran, Nala,

Phoebe Knight, Surya | Performer & Collaborator

Luke Pell | Research Companion 

Helen McIntosh | Creative Producer 

Mamoru Iriguchi |Set Designer

Emma Jones | Lighting Designer

Garry Boyle | Sound Designer

Alison Brown | Costume Designer

Fi Fraser |Production Manager

Ellie Cordon | Stage Manager


In partnership with Lyra

Supported by Creative Scotland, Dance Base and Imaginate                                                   



                                                                                                                                      © Amy Sinead Photography      


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