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Spaces are temporal. A potential for a shared moment.

In this interactive dance performance/installation they unfold, come to life, and then transform. We wonder how their resonance remains with us? How does the knowledge they have produced inform the places we are creating now?

In this dance duet we, Farah Saleh (Pal/UK) and Mirjam Sögner (DE/AT), investigate how spaces turn into places through connecting the past, present and future of the individual and the collective. Memories and imagination guide us through the creation of temporary embodied ways of relating.

Between dance, theater, and installation art, we explore how creatively being in/with vanished places can become a new form of encountering each other and coming together. The work stems from an investigation into and choreographic resonance with lost and transformed architectural spaces in both Palestine and Germany. 



Choreography and performance: Farah Saleh and Mirjam Sögner 

Composition: Samuel Hertz

Dramaturgy support: Luke Pell 

Set and costumes: Zephyr Liddell

PR and marketing: Joy Parkinson

Funded by: International Coproduction Fund - Goethe Institut

Supported by: Goethe Institut Ramallah, More Than This and Dance Base



Dance Base (Edinburgh) in May 2022

Gallery of Modern Art (Glasgow) in October 2022                                ©Lucas Kao




Documentation of the process (2019-2022)   








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