WHAT DOES THE SPACE KNOW is an interactive dance performance installation choreographed and performed by Farah Saleh (PAL/UK)  and Mirjam Sögner (DE/AT). The audience is invited to move through the room during the performance and interact with the space and the work in various ways. After a first research phase initiated by the Goethe Institut Ramallah Farah and Mirjam are now keen to move into the creation of a new work. The main objective of the intended piece is how to collectively envision, build, create, embody and activate temporary spaces. In their previous research they dealt mostly with testimonials of vanished spaces in Palestine. From there they want to move into a more pro-active, empowered and universal dimension. It is their goal to create both a performative and spatial structure that guides the audience through an embodied experience of the spaces around and within them.



Choreography and performance: Farah Saleh and Mirjam Sögner 

Composition: Samuel Hertz

Dramaturgy: Luke Pell 

Set and costumes: Zephyr Liddell

Funded by: International Coproduction Fund - Goethe Institut

Supported by: Goethe Institut Ramallah, More Than This and Dance Base



The Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival (Ramallah) April 2020

Montag Modus (Berlin) June 2020

                                                                                                          ©Mirjam Sögner  

The performances were canceled because of the pandemic and the 

premiere will now be on January 22nd 2022 at Dance Base (Edinburgh).


Video documenting the first residency (April 2019)