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Farah Saleh is a Palestinian dancer and choreographer active in Palestine, Europe and the US. She has studied linguistic and cultural mediation in Italy and in parallel continued her studies in contemporary dance. Since 2010 she took part in local and international projects with Sareyyet Ramallah Dance Company (Palestine), the Royal Flemish Theatre and Les Ballets C de la B (Belgium), Mancopy Dance Company (Denmark/Lebanon), Siljehom/Christophersen (Norway) and Candoco Dance Company (UK). Also since 2010, Saleh has been teaching dance, coordinating and curating artistic projects with the Palestinian Circus School, Sareyyet Ramallah and the Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival. In 2016 she co-founded Sareyyet Ramallah Dance Summer School, which runs on a yearly basis. In 2014 she won the third prize of the Young Artist of the Year Award (YAYA) organized by A.M. Qattan Foundation in Palestine for her installation A Fidayee Son in Moscow and in 2016 she won the dance prize of Palest’In and Out Festival in Paris for the duet La Même. She was an Associate Artist at Dance Base in Edinburgh 2017-2021 and is currently finishing her practice-based PhD at Edinburgh College of Art. 



2022 Agenda

March 13 Welcome to Your Theatre interactive text published in Future As a Structure Hiding Miracles (Ramallah)

March 26-27 PAST-inuous performance in Dance International Glasgow at Tramway (Glasgow)

March 29 PAST-inuous performance at Dundee Rep Studio (Dundee)

April 2022 - March 2023 Member of Dance Base's Artist Advisory Group (Edinburgh)

April 27-28 PAST-inuous performance at The Fruitmarket Gallery (Edinburgh)

April 29 Gesturing Refugees performance and conversation at The Fruitmarket Gallery (Edinburgh)

May 23-27 WHAT DOES THE SPACE KNOW creation residency at Dance Base (Edinburgh)

May 28-29 WHAT DOES THE SPACE KNOW performances at Dance Base (Edinburgh)

May 30 - June 17 A Wee Journey creation residency at Dance Base (Edinburgh)

August 8-12 A Wee Journey tech and preview week at Tramway (Glasgow)

August 16-20 A Wee Journey performances at the Edinburgh International Festival (Edinburgh)

Sept - Oct Mentor at Precipitate project co-organised by Dance Bace and Yaraqa (Edinburgh/Beirut)

Oct 2 WHAT DOES THE SPACE KNOW performance at Gallery of Modern Art (Glasgow)

Nov 16 What My Body Can/t Remember performance and conversation at InSpace Gallery (Edinburgh)

Dec 4 Conversation with Siham Fayad and screening of CIE as part of WADE dance festival (New York)

2021 Agenda


Jan 11 PAST-inuous online premiere via Culture Resource (Beirut)

Jan 26 Brexit means Brexit! provocation part of Traverse Theatre Happenings (Edinburgh)

Feb 10 THIS time NOW salon at the Work Room via zoom (Glasgow)

March 23 Presenting Why art, why now, why ever? at The Federation of Scottish Theatre meeting (Edinburgh)

April 7-11 Archiving Gestures workshop at MADE (Cologne)

May 10 Workshop Audition for A Wee Journey on Zoom (Edinburgh)

May 2021- March 2022 Joining Dance Base's Artist Advisory Group (Edinburgh)

June 4-8 Teaching Performative Strategies course with Sandra Noeth at DOCH and MDT (Stockholm)

June 14-25 A Wee Journey development residency at Dance Base (Edinburgh) 

June 18 PAST-inuous screening at Refugee Festival Scotland (Glasgow) 

July 13 PAST-inuous screening at Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival (Ramallah)

July 15 Bodily Archives as Decolonial Gestures conversation with Prof. Walter Mignolo part of TanzDialog (Leipzig)

Aug 23 PAST-inuous screening via Adam Broomberg Instagram IGTV part of Palestinian Political Art initiative (Berlin)

Aug 25 The Archive of Gestures lecture at The Danish National School of Performing Arts (Copenhagen)

Sep 17 - Jan 14 Maternity leave to welcome baby #2 to the world! 

2020 Agenda

Jan 30 What My Body Can/t Remember at Parallèle Festival (Marseille)

Feb 17-21 Remote residency of WHAT DOES THE SPACE KNOW (Berlin & Edinburgh)

Feb 24-29 Development residency of WHAT DOES THE SPACE KNOW at Kanuti Gildi SAAL (Tallinn)

April 30 Defying Distance workshop at Dance Base via zoom (Edinburgh)

May 7 Screening of A Fidayee Son in Moscow followed by an artist talk organized by Culture Resource (Beirut)

June 17 & 19 Gesture Exchange workshop at Dance Base via zoom part of Refugee Week (London)

June 24 Artist talk part of the Integrities of the Body programme at Kunstlerhaus Mousonturm via zoom (Frankfurt) 

July 8 Transfiguring Distance webinar at Tramway TV (Glasgow)

Aug 1 Screening of Cells of Illegal Education followed by an artist talk at the Visual Art Centre (Clarington)

Aug 24- Sep 4 Development residency of PAST-inuous at Dance Base (Edinburgh)

Aug 26 Development of Digging in-to past, present and future archives score for Salves for Future Selves (Edinburgh)

Sep 7-18 Development residency of WHAT DOES THE SPACE KNOW at Dance Base (Edinburgh)

Oct 1 Publication of "Why art, why now, why ever?" in Why Theatre book edited by NTGent (Ghent)

Nov 10 & 17 Gesture Exchange sessions at Dance Base (Edinburgh)

Nov 20 Presenting PAST-inuous at the Studio Sessions by Dance Umbrella and Dance4 (London/Nottingham)

Dec 4 Conversation with André Lepecki via Zoom at Dance Base (Edinburgh) 

2019 Agenda

 Jan19-21 Meet the Artist event part of Dancing on the Edge Festival (Utrecht)

Jan 22-25 Development residency of What My Body Can/t Rememeber at Dance Base (Edinburgh)

Feb11-22 Development residency of What My Body Can/t Rememeber at Dance Base (Edinburgh)

Feb 22 Work in progress performance of What My Body Can/t Rememeber at The Fruitmarket Gallery (Edinburgh)

Feb 23 Archiving Gestures workshop part of "What does it take to cross a border?" event at Ifa Gallery (Berlin)

Feb 24 Gesturing Refugees performance part of "What does it take to cross a border?" event at Ifa Gallery (Berlin)

Mar 6-9 Archiving Gestures workshop and talk at Atlas of Transitions Biennale (Bologna)

Mar 29 Brexit means Brexit! performance lecture at Tate Modern (London)

April 1-10 Archiving Gestures workshop (on Skype) at Windows from Gaza for Contemporary Art (Gaza)

April 15-19 Development residency of WHAT DOES THE SPACE KNOW at Naves Matadero Theatre (Madrid)

April 22-26 Development residency of WHAT DOES THE SPACE KNOW at Dance Base (Edinburgh)

May 9 Brexit means Brexit! at Beacon Arts Centre (Greenock)

May 11 Brexit means Brexit! at Dance Base (Edinburgh)

May 13 Inclusive workshop at Dance Base (Edinburgh)

May 14 Brexit means Brexit! at CCA part of Take Me Somewhere Festival (Glasgow)

May 15 Inclusive workshop at Indepen-dance (Glasgow)

May17 Brexit means Brexit! at Macphail Centre (Ullapool)

June 21 What Does The Space Know talk in Political Animal event at CCA (Glasgow)

June 26, 27 Gesturing Refugees at CCA part of Refugee Festival Scotland (Glasgow)

July 6 Gesturing Refugees at Liverpool Arab Arts Festival (Liverpool)

July 21-31 Co-organising and teaching at Les Ateliers Deplaces summer workshops (Ramallah)

August 1 WHAT DOES THE SPACE KNOW in progress performance at Goethe Institut (Ramallah)

August 19-24 Cross Currents programme at Edinburgh International Festival (Edinburgh)

Sep 23-27 Development residency of What My Body Can/t Remember at Dance Base (Edinburgh)

Oct 4,5 Gesturing Refugees at Redzone Festival (Tangier)

Oct 11,12 What My Body Can/t Remember at Dance International Glasgow (Glasgow)

Nov 15-17 More Than This project shared residency (Madrid)

Dec 5 Archiving Gestures workshop at Gallery of Modern Art (Glasgow)

Dec 7 Gesturing Refugees at Veem House of Performance (Amsterdam) 




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